«Baikal cuisine». Culinary master class for foreign visitors

от 2 до 100 человек
3 000 - 6 000pуб.
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~ Sample menu can include the following dishes. ~

 The choice of dishes and products is largely determined by season:

• Saguday out of chilled omul (fish)

• Siberian dumplings  (with 2 kinds of meat)

• Grayling baked in foil with herbs

• Russian salad or salad with ferns, vinaigrette

• Potato pancakes with sour cream and mushrooms

• Baked apples «po kupecheski» with honey and cheese

• Cakes, buns, tarts, pies

• Pancakes with red caviar, sour cream, honey and berries

• Soups - Borsh, Russian green cabbage soup, solyanka

• Roast in a pot, old style recepie

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To everyone who goes to Irkutsk and wishes to see not only to the unique nature of the lake Baikal, but also to learn authentic traditions of the Baikal region. Particularty, to those who seek to uncover the secrets of culinary preferences of Siberians.

Studio Anette culinary project offers a unique gastronormic dive in the Siberian cuisine.

In friendly relaxed atmosphere under the guidance of a professional chef, guests prepare their own lunch or dinner following Siberian recipes, learn the origins of dishes, cooking and serving secrets. Degustate prepared dishes according to the rules of traditional Russian meal.

Tourists from Australia, England, Japan, China, France and Germany have already been our guests. As well as world-famous guests and various school groups.

Recommended group: 7 to 50 people.

Workshops are conducted by professional chefs from famous restaurants of Irkutsk.

No special training is required to attend. All the necessary products, materials and equipment are provided by the studio.

The cost of one master class for one person in the group of:

1-2  people. - 6 000 rubles / person,

3-5 people - 5 000 rubles / person
6-9 people - 4 000 rubles / person
10 - ....... - 3 000 rubles / person

For your guide-interpreter attandance is free of charge.

Our site www.anettistudio.ru, e-mail: info@anettistudio.ru, тел.: +7 (3952) 707 467

The amount includes:

  • 3 dishes of your choice (prepared together with a chef). For example:

• Saguday out of chilled omul (fish)

• Russian green cabbage soup

• Roast in pots by old recipe/ Grayling, baked with herbs

 Pancakes with red caviar, sour cream, honey and berries

• «Mors» - Siberian fruit-drink with herbs

• Traditional cold appetizers (sauerkraut, homemade pickles)

• Homebaked bread

• Soft drinks, tea, coffee

• Guests are greeted and been helped by Russian ladies in national costumes.

• Culinary notebook with recipes in English for each guest

• Souvenir - a bag of tea «Siberian herbs» for each guest

• Photo report

We are looking forward to expand horizons of our guests in the gastronomy of the Siberian and Russian cuisine.

Review the master class "Baikal kitchen":

«We were on a Trans-Siberian train tour during which they arranged Anetti's cooking class as an optional program, which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The kitchen is bright, spacious, and colorful. The menu was carefully designed for several traditional russian dishes with easy-to-find material even outside of Russia. The staff is well-organized and the chef/instructor Sergei demonstrated the cooking steps with patience and clarity. At the end we were all delighted to find that the lunch which we made ourselves matched Chardonnay and Vodka equally well. An excellent short cooking class!»

Taiрei, Taiwan

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«Baikal cuisine». Culinary master class for foreign visitors

«Baikal cuisine». Culinary master class for foreign visitors


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